A Notorious Summer

Summertime In this brutal heat, we’re finding ourselves desperate to keep cool and stay safe. Our dogs are panting, our deodorant supply is low (just keeping it real…), and our ideas for activities are all dried out. That’s why we’re going to give you a list of our favorite ways to have fun when it’s just too dang hot out. We get it. Summertime with a Notorious Pooch can be tough. As much as you try to exercise them, there’s only so much you can do outside. When they get a little too feisty, you may need some new ideas to stay cool and get some of that naughty energy out of their system before your house—and your sanity—are destroyed. Kiddie pools! We love offering our dogs the cooling feeling of dipping their toes in the water. Dogs regulate most of their body temperature through their paws, so keeping those beans cool keeps the rest of the pup cool! Knowing that not all dogs love water—we see you haircare queens—it might sound like a waste of time and money to get a pool. But! Getting a kiddie pool and filling it with just an inch or two of water and sprinkling in some treats that won’t disintegrate, some ice cubes, and their favorite toys can offer a lot of enrichment. Dogs need to problem solve, and figuring out a good way to get their stuff out can offer them a mental challenge plus keep them hydrated! They may find they actually do like to take a dip! We like this pool from Toozey
Dessert Treats Who can say no to a frozen beverage on a hot day? Whether it’s a frozen margarita, an ice cream cone, a popsicle, or a slushie, most everyone loves to cool down from the inside out. Well, the same goes for our pooches! Our favorite cold treats for our dogs Biggie and Brooklyn include plain yogurt in a bowl—or better yet, a lick mat!—swirled with peanut butter, fruits, or salmon oil and frozen. It takes them quite a while to finish, giving them mental stimulation, a few minutes of not getting into trouble for us, and cools them down! Other dog favorites include Pupper Cup—a New-York-based dog-friendly ice cream, a small bit of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, ice cubes with water or broth with salmon oil or treats sprinkled in, and frozen fruits like bananas and blueberries, if your dog is into that. Get creative with your flavor combos! Some of your dog’s favorites might turn into your favorites! We love putting our frozen treats on anything from Sodapup, or this Wobble Bowl from LickiMat! PupperCup 
…Trash!? There are some times, though, when it’s too hot to even take a walk. That’s when indoor activities become essential. Puzzle games are fun and mentally enriching, of course, but sometimes those puzzles from the store just don’t offer enough. That’s where trash enrichment comes into play! Dogs naturally love to shred and forage. You can take an old Chewy box and fill it with crumpled up paper, treats, more small boxes, kongs and/or toppl toys with frozen treats inside, empty toilet paper rolls taped up with treats inside, a new ball or squeaky toy, and whatever else you think your dog may be into. Adding a chew like a pig ear or marrow bone will keep them occupied after they’re through with their shredding! Just remember there will be cleanup afterwards, but you’ll have a happy, fulfilled dog, too. 
We love the chews from Jack & Pup! Puzzle Games Some less-messy things you can do for indoor enrichment include things like frozen kongs, toppls, or puzzles. You could also use some of your own homemade puzzles! Put treats in a muffin tin and put tennis balls over each compartment. Your dog will have to dig them out and figure out the best way to get everything out. A water bottle with no cap—don’t want any plastic ingestion!—with treats inside makes a great noisy puzzle. They’ll like the crinkle and will have to roll, shake, smell, and bite to get their snacks out. Don’t forget about tug games, too! Tugging on a rope with you gives your dog physical and mental enrichment and is a great bonding game for the two of you! Remember that you don’t always want to let your dog win…gotta keep it fair, you know?
Nerf Dog toys are durable and unique! Toppls offer a little more of a challenge for your dog than a kong! Keeping your dog cool is important, but when you also want them to look cool, you can grab one of our fabulous bright new bandanas! Spritz with water for a long-lasting cooling effect! It’s not always easy to keep your dog occupied without the dog-run or a frolic outside. Just remember, it doesn’t always have to be physically stimulating for it to tire out your dog!