Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July the Notorious Way. As we grow closer to Independence Day, it’s important for us, the parents of a Notorious Pooch, to remember that even the coolest of pups can get spooked by all the commotion. Fireworks, sparklers, and campfires can be scary, and cookouts, grills, and pools can be dangerous! More pets go missing on the Fourth ofJuly and the days before and after. We’re going to give you some tips on how to keep your dog feeling chill and out of trouble. Fireworks: Loud fireworks have wind our dogs up. If you’re bringing your dog around friends and family, you’re bound to see a couple scraps make their way to your pup.  A couple of tips from our dog trainer friend, Tess Marty: “When bringing your dog around groups of people, especially when there is food around, make sure you set boundaries with your friends and family. That can be anything that you are comfortable with. Whether it’s ‘no food scraps for the dog at all,’ ‘give them whatever you want!,’ or ‘super small pieces and make them do a trick for it!’ You want to make sure people understand this beforehand before the chaos. Next, before your party, practice your ‘leave it,’ ‘take it,’ and ‘drop it’ commands. Knowing that they shouldn’t take something until it’s offered helps with potential counter-surfing or snatching something that falls. Finally, keep your dog on leash! So many pets run away on the Fourth because of fireworks or getting spooked by something. If you’re not incredibly consistent with your recall, have them on a safety line, even if it’s a long lead that you let drag on the ground. It’s easier to catch a lead than it is to catch your fast squirmy pup! If your dog wants to hide or needs a break, advocate for them. Don’t force them to join the fun if they aren’t having a good time! This is a great opportunity to practice socialization, sitting for greeting, come when called, leave it, and settling in a large crowd.” Sun and Hydration: Lastly, ensure your dog has access to fresh, cool water and shade at all times! Check patios or concrete temperatures with the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t too hot, and try to keep them to grass or shaded areas. It’s recommended not to give ice cold water after playing really hard because it can cause an upset stomach, but access at all times to water will help your pooch maintain their body temperature so they don’t overheat! You can even consider bringing an umbrella to stake in the ground or a beach tent. Overall, it’s so much fun to be able to bring our dogs to celebrate holidays with us. Our friends and family love seeing them all dressed up, and it’s great for mental stimulation and training practice! Just keep your dog’s health in mind and monitor them at all times! Enjoy, and Happy Independence Day!